To the hunter

Does it make you feel good?
Does your dominance thrill you?
The sight of fresh blood,
does it turn you on?
The thrill of the chase, the pace, the power?

Your fellow killers, riding on horseback,
the baying of hounds, the thudding of hooves.
The death-toll cry of the hunting horn
Does it give you a hit when your slaughter-pack moves?

Or is it the buzz, as you sense its terror?
The animal’s horror as it sees your intention.
As it runs from the fate that you dictate,
does it give you sadistic satisfaction?

Is it playing God that excites you?
The power that delights you?
Or seeing a wild creature ripped apart at your demand?

A pack of you with dogs, chase and kill a
frightened animal , no higher than your knee
Don’t you see? – you’re the pits
Your power trips rely on life being taken
don’t be mistaken.

Life is a gift,
given at birth,
to man and beast,
and is worth,
the same to each.

What right have you to take that away from any creature
-human or animal?

by Kathrin Atkinson

[Creation date estimated…only know it was April 1994….LONG LONG time ago in a past life!]


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