Another pretty intense poem written during my healing journey.

A womb ripped asunder

A womb ripped asunder
A life torn apart
The remnants confusion
No room for the heart
that is broken to heal
The mosaic on the floor
shows the pure desperation
as you reach for the door
to escape from the room
that transformed to a cell
and housed the experience
that was sent straight from hell
The room spins around
as does your head
as you watch yourself there
being raped on the bed.
The drug it was strong
too strong to fight
though you tried to stay conscious
with all of your might.
Pulled under and under
the surface like drowning
Fighting for breath
moving closer to death
Desperately reaching for consciousness
Wanting to return
to your body to save it
to stop him
to protect it
to fight for its honour.
The virginity you had saved
for one so much different
as day is to night
as love is to fright
Is taken from you
as you watch from the ceiling
devastation desperation
helplessness feeling
Frantic to stop him
to fight him
to save her
that part of you there
stopping breathing
slowly dying
Little girl on the ceiling
screaming and crying
Maidenhood taken
Life forsaken
Forever shaken

by Kathrin Atkinson

[Date estimated]


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