A poem I wrote expressing feelings while healing. I think we all tend to put on a protective shell to get by in this world as it can feel a harsh place. When we have been hurt the need for that protection can feel very deep indeed.


It’s felt so hard being alone
Feeling so much pain on my own
Such deep confusion inside
From all of his lies
I felt empty, bereft
Hollow of chest
A heart that’s given up the fight.
I felt empty and quiet
Couldn’t find words to say what had
Too shocked, too in fear, couldn’t have people
Don’t touch me, don’t hurt me, don’t come
close, I can’t take it
I’m like an animal
With an open wound
It’s infected, it hurts
I can’t let anyone near to help it heal
I’m afraid if anyone touches me it will finish
My skin feels open
I have no protection
Everything goes through me
So I put out spikes
Silent messages to stay away
But inside I’m crying out for help and
Help to understand, but fear of rejection
So tender and fragile but with armour-plating
Please love me
Please protect me
Don’t let him hurt me
A snail without a shell

by Kathrin Atkinson


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