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We often forget that we have choice in every moment of our lives. The powers that be don’t want us to fully realise just how much choice and power we have. In every moment we are making choices often unconsciously.

If someone irritates us for example we have the choice whether we react, whether we get moody, whether we laugh and let it pass, whether we stew on it all day, whether we confront them and make a big issue out of it, whether we look at ourselves to see why their action affected us etc etc. Each choice leads to many different results. It could result in losing a friend, losing a day to moodiness, taking crap out on someone else, even violence! Or it could result in nothing or an opportunity to grow and evolve.

We are constantly faced with these opportunities. Often they are about how we choose to react or how we choose to view another person or their actions. It is often a choice as to whether we choose to see the best in them or the worst in them. Whether we choose to understand or condemn. Often what we choose is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves too.

Throughout the day we are faced with choices about what we put into our bodies and our minds. We can eat chemical laden foods that mess with our hormones and awareness levels and health or we can eat foods that empower and strengthen us. We can eat unconsciously or with thanks and alter how it affects us. We can choose to stare at the TV for hours or we can choose to interact with people or go into nature or do something creative. Every single choice has an impact on our wellbeing…one way or the other.

The choices we make can have an impact in other ways too. If we choose to stop frequenting supermarkets and buy from independent shops instead we can help build community ties and better health etc. We can choose to help create a world where we interact with real people rather than massive corporations. Our choices can help others and the environment or damage them.

The greatest lie we were ever fed is that we are powerless to effect change. We are creating change with every decision we make. Xx


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