Facebook status post I wrote on 11th January 2016 after passing through London for an hour or two.

London, you are like a giant sweet shop to me. You offer all things in all shapes, colours, sizes, tastes and textures. You would seduce me with your creaminess, shock me with your sours, lull me with the comfort of childhood reminders, sedate me with the sweetness, hypnotise me with your sparkling wrappers.

But ultimately, I know if I’m drawn in by all your sweets, you would leave me with empty pockets, addicted – forever seeking the high again after the sugar crashes, with rotting teeth and sickness, tired and wanting more and more to fill the hole that I’d feel growing inside me.

Your promises of style and status, your glitter and shine, your busy busy exciting spin…would leave me dizzy and lost, not remembering who I am.

So shine on sweet shop spider’s web. Drawing us all to you like the glittering dew on your strands with your promises for sweetness and fulfillment. I see you….and I know you cannot help your nature. You are city. You are spider. You must feed, and feed. But, for me, you have nothing I want. Like your sweets, you make me nauseous. But I hope those innocent flies who are drawn in by your offers and adverts, your manipulation and your lies, manage to escape again before you suck them dry.

You held me for three years and fed, I escaped thirteen years ago. Now, when I pass through you briefly I am deeply thankful – that I see you more clearly, and that I am not staying!


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