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Was just thinking about the high price we pay for ease and convenience. I’m doing some sewing, making bags for travelling, and it made me think of how for granted we take everything. In the past I’d have had to find and prepare plant fibres to sew with…or use the intestines of some creature we’d hunted for food. I’d have had to find other plant fibres to weave into cloth on a loom my dad or grandad had made from trees growing nearby. It would have taken a long time to create a bag, or an item of clothing. Most of us now would have no patience at all in such an endeavor.

The plus side of that way of being though is that we would REALLY bloody value what we have and we’d take care of it. As adults we’d probably only have one set of clothes to last us a couple of years….thus virtually negating fashion, the judgement to do with how people look, the pressure on people to fit a desired image, and the importance that is currently focused on appearance in general.

In our current way of life many people are buying new items of clothing weekly, we are using masses of resources. Fields of plants for fibres, and massive clothing industries. Vats full of chemicals to dye cloth into all the colours of the rainbow. We consume at a terrifying rate…and we throw things away with as much disregard too.

We don’t value things any more. Our clothes are not made for us with loving care by our mothers or grandmothers or aunts, they are often made instead in sweatshops thousands of miles away by people who aren’t well treated…so the last thing they will be doing is putting loving care into the clothing we will wear.

It is very convenient to be able to walk into primark or some other cheap clothing place and pick up this top or that top in blue, and maybe, hell, why not have one in green and pink too…after all they’re only £3 each. We can throw away the ones we bought last month to make space in our wardrobes…after all…we didn’t like how our boobs or belly looked in the other ones. So easy…but so shallow…and so destructive and uncaring.

We don’t understand to price we pay though…not only environmentally but personally, energetically and psychologically too. When everything around us has so little value to us, and can be thrown away without a thought, that same mentality ends up being applied to many other things. Our friendships, our relationships, even our families at times. We also end up not valuing ourselves too. We cheapen and place no true worth on anything.

I know what I am saying is quite extreme, but I do feel it’s valid. We have no respect now, for clothing, for plants and animals, for our planet and the destruction we cause making and throwing, making and throwing, and ultimately we have little respect or regard for other people and ourselves too.

I’d love my clothing to have had a true origin…for my dad or grandad to have made a loom, for my mum to have collected and prepared plants, for my grandma to have woven the cloth and made the clothes. I’d have been wrapped in their love and care. Instead I have clothing made by people who don’t know me or care about me in any way….as…very sadly and shamefully…. I didn’t think about, or care about them when I bought them.

We, and all other creatures on this planet, and the planet it’s/herself all pay a very high price for ease and convenience.


JØRN LANGEN · 15 June 2016 at 12:49 am

Love this, still I think it’s sad..
Love in the way you think.
Sad in the way we over use,
I wanted nice clothes at some time in my life, most cause it was expensive, most cause it’s “hip” and get you street cred if you’d like(atleast in your head). Figure buying direct from the makers(China) was the best option.
Then came the fair trade thing, and I had to go back in the thinktank, when shit hits the fan, the cotton farmer gets what he gets the sewer gets his share, which is pretty much nothing anyhow, money goes to the BIG guys, the guys making the comercials making you think you are less if you dont own as much… So disgarded that feeling… Now the same BIGGYS are controlling our borders in regards though…

My kids grandma is in this viking thing up here and makes clothes for my kid, even me, and i enjoy finishing it. She makes old colours from a piss jar in the garden and stuff, no half way deal…

Think I lost the message abit, it is that we are ruining our Mother, home not the planet though, cause this all happened before, maybe it didnt all end in consumerism as it probably will this time, but it did end though and thats why we will not fullfill our full potential as the God’s we all are!!

So Love is the way, don’t care to much about what you can’t change, and remember don’t try to hard, nothing good ever comes from that..

Katy · 17 June 2016 at 9:39 pm

Thanks for the comments Jorn. It’s great that your kids grandma makes clothes for them 🙂
Know what you mean about not trying too hard…I’ve done a lot of that! Still need to lighten up a bit…and intend to…after all the main thing needed on the planet really is upliftment.

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