So many people beat and torture themselves mentally with thoughts of ‘maybe’ this or ‘should’ that. ‘Maybe if I’d done ….. that wouldn’t have happened’ ‘Maybe if I’d tried harder, that wouldn’t have happened’ ‘I should have seen’ ‘I should have realised’ ‘I should have listened’ ‘I shouldn’t have……’
It is so pointless and so painful…and it is endless until WE choose to stop it.

If we COULD have done better in any way, we WOULD have done better. If we had more insight at the time, more knowing, or….the biggy. …more HINDSIGHT…we might have been able to do/act/think/react differently. But we didn’t. Whatever the situation or circumstances…It was as it was…we were as we were (often in shock or fear at those moments). If we could have done differently we would have.

So many trap themselves in an inner prison and torture themselves in this way and it is terribly sad. No true God/Source seeks to punish…only the darkness and ignorance punishes and feeds off the pain.
If we truly feel we have done wrong…constantly punishing ourselves will not make it better. Adding pain to pain only creates bigger deeper pain. Love and compassion for self and others is the only way to transform these things….to bring change. Self torture and self blame only keep the ghost – train circling around its track and only brings the same horrible experiences and feelings.

Give yourself a break, give others a break, give life a break, allow a little kindness in. Allow a little light in. And ffs put the stick down! Let it go. Beating anyone doesn’t help…ourselves or others.

We come here to learn many things…if you’ve already learnt what it feels like to beat and hate yourself what is the point in sitting that same lesson over and over again? Move on to the next lesson…learning to have compassion for yourself, learning to let yourself off that torture hook, learning to love yourself etc
Love doesn’t grow through shame and blame and torture, only darkness and pain grow that way. Happiness doesn’t come through beatings. Growth and change don’t occur through constant hatred and maybes and shoulds.

Acceptance that that situation was as it was, is needed, horrible though that might be. Change occurs NOW. In this moment. The past won’t change, but how we view it and ourselves in the present really can and does make a difference…and it literally starts to shape the future in a new light if we allow it to.

Nothing grows or transforms through hatred…It only gets darker and more twisted in on itself…..bring in loving kindness though and miracles occur 🙂

With love xx


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