This was written after we had been wild camping in Gran Canaria for a couple of weeks…

Gran Canaria poem

Why am i awake?
It’s 3 in the morning!
Why am i awake?
When i should be quietly snoring.
Got a long day tomorrow
So i really need my rest
But my mind will not switch off
Though i really try my best

Tried breathing slow, tried saying no
To all the thoughts that try to grow
Tried blocking them or changing them
But here they are again, again
Tried counting sheep, it doesnt work
My quirky mind will not be tamed
The sheep do not behave themselves
Their antics are quite strange!

Tried laying here and listening
To all the noises i can hear
But thats quite boring honestly
Cos nothing’s very near
I’m laying here inside a tent
On gran canaria with my man
We came to get some sun of course
That was the masterplan!

In reality we’ve walked and walked
So hard to find a place to rest!
The hills are steep, ravines are too
And the tourists are a pest
Half the island’s taken up
Apartment blocks and tacky shops
Rows of sunbeds on every beach
And the traffic never stops!

I feel sorry for my fellow brits
Who’ve worked all year to get away
Then spend their week in a little box
And pay and pay and pay
For breakfast out, and lunch and tea
For souvenirs and day trips out
For many many other things
Sold to them by soulless touts

Pushy scavengers circle here
Seeing tourists just like prey
They see no human walking by
Just cash cows every day
But I’ve lost my thread i started this
By saying I’m awake
That my mind will not shut off you see
Wish it would, for goodness sake!

It flitters here then flitters there
Contemplating everything
The tourists and the scavengers
The ever pricy sting
I even think about the fact
That bread and cakes are everywhere
Even though we choose ourselves
Not to eat our share

We’ve hunted high and hunted low
For healthy foods to eat
But panaderias and pastries shops
Fill up every street!
I’m amazed the canary folk still have teeth
As there’s sugar sugar everywhere
Though hardly any are obese
So what’s going on there?

I guess the sun must play a part
And the sugar all gets used
As their bodys battle to stay cool
So as not to blow a fuse
Though many spend all day, and night!
In countless restaurants and bars
On busy streets in every town
They dont seem to mind the cars

I guess the beers must help in that
Cos the traffic noise is pretty loud
It drives me nuts, but they seem ok
In their sugary boozy cloud
Think we picked the wrong place here
Though the sun is great we miss
Forests and trees and real soil
And somewhere to take a piss!

Little shrubs are all you’ll find
On most of gran canaria
Unless you travel quite high up
…which really needs a car
The buses are pretty scary!
We’ve been on quite a few
They tear around the hairpin bends
Though you do get quite a view!

If you are one of the lucky ones
Who dont get travel sick
On crazy upy and downy roads
That twist n twist n twist
Then you can just sit back and stare
At amazingly shaped lands
From lava flow after lava flow
And probably big big bangs!

Anyway I’ve gone on enough
I need to try and get some sleep
Got miles to walk again quite soon
So i really shouldnt keep
Just rambling on about this place
Of beaches and resorts
And crazy hikers everywhere
With treking poles and shorts
That always seem to look the same
Like a crazy uniform
As if they learned in hiking school
Just what is the ‘norm’

But as long as they’re happy that’s all that
Its their holiday you see
They’ve worked so hard all year round
For a week where they are ‘free’
So bless them every single one
From hiker to the beach bar drunk
They deserve their time away
From the regular daily funk

Of work and deadlines, policies
What they can and cannot do
Of bosses who sit there on high
And who do not have a clue
Of rush hour traffic and gridlocked roads
Of coffees and ciggies grabbed at break
Of annoying clients or customers
Of having to be fake

Of having to smile and be polite
In the face of gross stupidity
And downright rudeness from customers
who really do not see
But that is that and such is life and ‘its just
what we do’
No wonder they’re so keen when here
To down more than a few

So bless them once again i ask
I hope their sanity they keep
And bless me too right here right now
I need some bloody sleep!
Night x

by Kathrin Atkinson


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