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At what point do we stop and make a stand? Where is the tipping point? When we live in a world where changes are made subtly without a big ‘this is what is now happening’ notice…where do we draw the line?
We are in VERY VERY important times on this planet. It is easy to just carry on grazing in our (apparently) safe little fields but big changes are occurring, and a lot of them now are not easy to turn back from. And these changes WILL reach our safe little fields too. Artificial Intelligence is getting more and more of a hold through our daily lives. Nano-technology means we cannot even see some of the things that can now be affecting us. People are actually choosing to be chipped now!
Is it not time for us ALL to ask ourselves what kind of world we truly wish to live in? It is no longer the domain of just the ‘conspiracy nut’ or sci-fi freak this stuff is now becoming mainstream, and it is us who hold the power really. It was once said that ‘all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing’ and sadly I believe that to be true. If we don’t start to look around us, see what is happening and make a true choice, then the choices will just be made for us whilst we carry on grazing….BUT we will have to live with the consequences.
Whilst we are distracted with fights amongst ourselves or distracted by the media or computer games etc etc etc (for there are MANY distractions) we are reaching points of no-easy-return.
What kind of world do you wish for yourself, for your children, for your grandchildren, for your planet?
We do have much more power than we realise. Everything you think, everything you do and every way you spend your money is power…and it is alignment…either with a future you DO want or a furture you DO NOT want but you subscribe to anyway through mindlessness or in-action.
You have much much more power than you realise. WE are helping to create this reality and this future, it’s just for much of our lives we have done it unconsciously, we have been kept in the dark and kept believing that we don’t really matter.
We are paving the path…and it is up to us to choose where that path leads. Please choose, don’t just allow it to stay unconscious.

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