This is a parody I wrote to the tune of the Jungle Book classic ‘I wanna be like you’ which I love…but I’ve used it to try and raise a little awareness about some of the things going on on the planet. I know the illuminati stuff is only one of the things happening though! Hope you enjoy it….if so please share 🙂 ….before it gets taken down for me using another tune, or I get shot for not bleating in time 😉  Lets take this beautiful planet back into safer hands.

Illuminati crew

Well we’re  the kings of the planet yeah
Self-created V.I.P.’s
We’ve reached the top, it’s where we’ve been
For an eternity
You know we take your money
And we’ll take your power as well
We con you in so many ways
To keep you under our spell

Oh oobie do
Illuminati crew u u
There gonna pull your strings
And sell you things
It’s true
And they manipulate you u u
They do the same to me e e
But when we wake up, and see the truth, we are free

Well you know that we have dumbed you down
With all the food you eat
We’ve fucked about with all the seeds
We’ve got you all hooked on wheat (and coffee and sugar and beer and shopping and cigs and salt and…)
We’ve even made some ‘health foods’
That will screw you up as well
We’ve brain washed you with so much crap
That you’ll buy, whatever we sell

Oh  oobie do
It is the elite few u u
They sit at the top and control it all
It’s true
But it’s nothing new u u
They’ve done it for so lo o ong
And it won’t stop
By me just singing this song

Oh we’re manufacturing world events
And terror attacks too
We want to get you all stirred up
And having no idea who
Is doing all these awful things
That make you feel unsafe
So you’ll turn on your fellow man
That’s the power that we take

Oh  oobie do
We are the chosen few u u
If you join our band
Theirs high demands
On you
You’ll have to sell your so o oul
To help us reach our go o oal
And we don’t accept, any answer of ‘no’

Yes we started on you as a babe
With shots to keep you ‘well’
We fed you so much sugary crap
That your truth you could no longer tell
Then we plugged you in to TV
As your new friend for ALL your life
So we disect you so cunningly
That you’ll never see the knife

Oh  oobie do
Illuminati crew u u
They’ll mess with your brains
With their media games
And tricks
They are controlling pri i icks
Who like to pull our stri i ings
But we wont be puppets when we see through all these things

Oh oobie do
Illuminati crew u u
They pull our strings
And sell us things
It’s true
They manipulate you u u
They do the same to me e e
But as we wake up and see the truth we are free

But as we wake up and speak our truth we are free

One more time…yeah

As we wake up and be our truth we are free!

by Kathrin Atkinson


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