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I feel in general that we are not understanding how deeply our personal daily choices matter on this planet. Even the so-called little choices. Our actions and choices are aligning us with particular timelines and behaviours on this planet. Whilst we still, even in small ways, condone bullying, slavery, humiliation, abuse, domination, force etc we are aligning with and allowing these behaviours.

For example (and I may be unpopular for saying this) whilst we still condone and believe it is ok to take away the free will of animals, we will also not know true freedom ourselves.

Unhelpful behaviours are rife on this planet. Again for example. statistically 1 in 3 or 4 women have been raped…with indications that the percentage could be higher. We ALL need to be taking responsibility for ourselves, for our actions, our choices, our behaviour and for what we are or are not condoning. That goes for the choices women make too…this isn’t a male/female thing. Women often abuse their sexual power. We are encouraged to put so much time, money and energy into appearance, to ‘net’ a man or to control men through it. It isn’t a funny or harmless thing, it is manipulation.

Until we can all cultivate a state of TRUE and genuine respect for each other, and ourselves of course, we will not move into the kind of world we would wish to live in. When we respect each other we do not abuse or bully or coerce etc.

Our choices truly matter. Every single one of us and every single choice. We are choosing the direction this earth timeline goes in with each choice, paving the road we will travel with them. No choice is truly insignificant.


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