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Thought for the day

There is so much still not generally understood in the mainstream about how powerful sexual union is. In our modern times people are encouraged through media/peer group etc to get on out there and get as much, with as many, in as many ways as possible!! The idea of ‘sport sex’ or one nighters or friends with benefits etc is widely accepted. I’m not saying any of this is ‘wrong’ of course…no judgements here…I’m just trying to question how wise these things are if you realise how deeply it connects you with every person you share with.

When we share our body with another person, we also share everything else. Our energy fields merge. We take on what they are carrying, as they take on what we are carrying…this can go much deeper than a dose of chlamydia! Also though, at a soul level, we can be CHOOSING to merge energy with another to take stuff on and help with clearing or understanding or healing.

Sex without love/care/respect (with rape or abuse of course being the extreme examples) can be as destructive on one end of the scale as making love can be healing/transformative/transcendental at the opposite end.

Many who have gone through rape or abuse can find themselves (amongst everything else they feel) very confused afterwards. Not knowing who they truly are anymore. The intensity of fear and of someone else having power over them along with the sexual merging of energy is a very fracturing experience, as well as a very dark experience. A lot of unhealthy energy (and from my understanding, spirit attachments) can pass on in these experiences making people feel ‘changed’ or different after an attack.

That of course is the harsh side of sexual abuses…but any experience that leaves one or both partners feeling not good afterwards in some way is potentially damaging to our sense of self and self-worth/self-respect.

At the end of the day though ALL of it teaches us things of course, so again no judgements here…go out and do what you do…but perhaps also question (ideally before the roller-coaster starts!) how deeply DO you really wish to be connected with that person and the energy they are carrying? And are you both going to walk away from the encounter the better for it?


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