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I feel that I need to start sharing some of the deeper things that I have become aware of over the last 11 or so years. Things that, in honesty, I have been too afraid to share for fear of ridicule or abandonment I guess. It is hard to always do what we feel to be right when we have peer pressure and approval conditioning which tells us only to say what will be acceptable to others….but we don’t get the chance to grow and evolve much just doing that.
Many who knew me earlier in life will think I’ve lost the plot…which is fine. I am not here to try and convince anyone about anything…but I AM here to share what I have found in the hope that it might help others with where they may feel stuck in life.
If you find what I say too ‘off the wall’ and you feel reactive to it, I would prefer you to either ignore it and switch back to lad or cat vids or just quietly unfriend me rather than try to rip me to pieces. I am however open to anyone wanting to ask me about it.
We all walk our paths in the best way we can. I respect everyone’s right to hold the beliefs/feelings/experiences they do, and as such I also fully believe we are all equals no matter what our current life situations or experiences. No one is above or beneath anyone else and we are all trying to get by and understand ourselves and this ‘life’ thing we’re experiencing to the best of our ability.
I was long silenced. To grow both personally and collectively I believe it is time for us all to speak our truth and become more transparent. It’s scary…but I feel it is worth it.
Some may argue that Facebook isn’t the place for it…but I’ve just been thinking about that and we are so encouraged these days to fragment ourselves across various platforms and censor and filter which aspects of ourselves we do or don’t allow others to see…and I’m feeling really that that (as well as making life bloody complicated!) isn’t very psychologically healthy. And yes, I know that is what we’ve always done, but what we’ve always done isn’t yielding the best results on this planet, perhaps?
All that being said…if what I say in the coming weeks/months upsets you any way, I am sorry…it has never been my intention…but I must now start to say the things I feel I need to. If we part company I genuinely wish you well on your path x


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