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OK, I’d threatened to throw some of my ‘weird’ cards on the table…so here’s one of them!…

I genuinely feel from years of personal experiences and things I’ve seen/heard from others, that humans have long been kept as a kind of slave species on this planet. We have been deeply programmed and conditioned since birth (often also whilst in the womb) to accept a ‘powerlessness’ state of being. Conditioned to look outside of ourselves for everything – to have our needs met, to be validated, for guidance and authority….to be told how we ‘should’ be, how we ‘should’ act, how we ‘should’ live, how we ‘should’ look.

I don’t believe any of this is an accident. We are an energy source. We have been steered into being very good cogs in a big energetic, consuming machine. We are good workers and consumers…we keep the system running…but often at great personal cost.

I believe this has been the state on this planet for a long while now but I feel times are changing…and it is challenging as we will all have to question many deeply held beliefs and programmes within ourselves. Also, scariest of all, we will have our sense of ‘reality’ shaken about.

It is all well and good of course hearing of the ‘crazy shit’ the ‘mentally ill’ experience… cos they’re nuts yes? There’s something ‘wrong’ with them…they need drugs etc…but when our OWN reality starts to shake, then what? And when the reality of others around us seems to change or crumble, what then?

I don’t say this to create fear…quite the opposite as I believe fear is the main tool that has been used to keep us all in check…akin to an electric fence keeping cows or sheep in a field…I am speaking of these things now in an urge to help us all slowly realise that we are not the mainly-powerless cogs that we were conditioned to be…we are much much more.

We have been encouraged in this life to be ‘strong’ and get up and get on with it when we’ve taken hits in life. Just have a few drinks, pop a few pills (prescription or recreational), have another coffee or piece of cake and get back to our particular task – being a good cog. AND, being a good and conscientious cog, we do that as we’ve been conditioned at home and at school that there is virtue in ‘getting on with it’.

Everyone takes the piss out of the kid that shows weakness or cries at school….God forbid we be THAT kid! Show no weakness!! BUT…the difficult thing is that all the ‘stuff’ we experience and feel and then numb out or suppress through food or drink or drugs or shopping or work or TV or gaming or sex or gambling or exercise or ??? [enter distraction or drug of choice] is still there inside us. Stored for a time when we CAN let ourselves feel it and assimilate it and truly move on from it.

Basically…very long story short…I feel we are in, and going deeper into, times when ALL our inner ‘shit’ will be hitting the proverbial fan. Because it needs clearing to make way for a better way of being and living on this planet.

I have written many difficult things over the years on Facebook that will seem distasteful or too intense or just plain uncomfortable for many…but I’ve done that partly to help MYSELF clear some of that inner backlog of gunk, but mainly in the hope that it helps others realise that it IS ok to feel, to face the experiences we have been through with honesty and (hopefully) some self-compassion. Because the processing of these experiences is what sets us free and it stops us being controlled by them.

The difficult thing for us all now is that it isn’t only our personal ‘stuff/gunk’ that needs clearing, it is collective and planetary too. Things seem to be going out of control on this planet, it’s nuts, many feel pretty hopeless about our current trajectory. This is another reason I wish to speak out more now as I believe the ‘powers that be’ fully intend for us to feel fear and a sense of powerlessness or hopelessness. People who feel powerless spend more money in a bid to feel better. They take more drugs (antidepressants, ‘health’ medications as well as recreational) which generates money for those at the top as well as weakens us – double bonus! It also keeps a low, fear and anger, vibration on the planet which stops us all realising our truer selves more. Don’t let the elephant realise it is strong enough to break through any chain…chain it from infancy, whilst it is weak, and the belief that it can’t break its chain will stay for life.

The positive side to this ‘doom and gloom’ post is that I also believe that you are fucking amazing! I believe you are strong. I believe you chose to be born at this time. I believe, no matter how challenging it is, that you are more than capable of facing and feeling and clearing all your own inner gunk…AND your share of the collective! I believe we can all wake from a life-long amnesia and program of dependence on a false system/reality idea into a realisation of our deeper nature as a powerful and infinite being capable of bringing many gifts, as well as love of course, onto this beautiful but troubled planet at this time…when it is so deeply needed.

We have been programmed so deeply with self-doubt and lack of self-worth. We have been programmed to believe we will be shunned if we seem to have any sense of self-‘centredness’ or any sense of true self-worth. These programmes go deep and hit our survival centres…after all…we survive if the tribe like and approve of us but we are likely to perish if we are pushed out and have to go it alone, are we not? But it ALL needs questioning. We have been very deeply brain-washed, and most are still taking the programmes in daily through the TV and Internet and other media sources. Also all that we were taught by our loving but conditioned parents, by our schools, by our friends, and enemies!, by our workplaces and peergroups needs questioning, as do our habitual thoughts.

I believe we are in challenging times, and the more we are able to both accept our shared humanity/vulnerability whilst also realising that we are hardcore and amazingly strong soul-warriors who CHOSE to ‘be here now’ then the more we will heal and not allow our brothers and sisters to fall by the wayside. We are all in this together and every single one of us matters…but also, more importantly, every single one of us is extremely powerful and has much to bring here to create the kind of world we would wish ourselves, and our children, to live in.


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