This was their automatically-created first post when I set up this web site…I only just noticed it again!  I was about to delete it but thought it might serve me as a reminder of when I started to work on the site.

I have found it hard to concentrate and to stay as focussed as I would like on tasks or projects…as such I have seldom managed to complete things or stay consistant.  I feel a lot of that is due to having fight/flight energy still in my body most of the time – PTSD is a bastard, to put it bluntly!

I will write more about it soon as I feel most people don’t really understand the nature of PTSD, they think we are just choosing to sit around thinking about the thing that screwed us up and not ‘getting over it’. I guess the last bit is true…we haven’t ‘got over it’ we are still partly stuck in whatever horrible thing we experienced because it is still too big and traumatic in our system to have been processed over in the brain as a ‘past’ occurance. This is NOT a choice! Who would CHOOSE to stay stuck in the worst time of their lives? It is due to the brain still being hyper-alert and pattern-matching back to the life and death experience way too often.

Anyway….as i say, more about that later! I will put a link     ***here***     when I finally write a more in-depth post about PTSD.


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