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‘Weird card’ #2

I believe humans (and all living things I guess) are transmitters and receivers of information and energy. We ‘pick up’ on emotional information if we sense someone walks in the room who is angry or depressed or happy etc. We also, I believe, pick up on psychic information naturally if we are not too numbed out. This isn’t just the ‘gifted’ few I feel this is just a natural part of who we are.

This is all good…it tells us about our world and the other people/creatures in it and if we are safe with them. Could call it intuition or instinct or gut feeling. Our bodies pick up information…like the gut feeling…our stomach/solar plexus area picks up on a lot, especially if someone is trying to influence us or make us feel guilty etc.

I also believe we are naturally telepathic though this is an ability that isn’t as easy to be aware of. For most of us it is just moments of being in sync with another, or those closest to us. I have experienced a few fully telepathic conversations in my past when I was more switched on. I feel we are often not aware of what we are picking up.

Our minds are very receptive and we have all heard of subliminal programming. It is easy to ‘seed’ a thought or idea into us, especially through the media. I do feel that this receptivity is used again to try and control us and influence our behaviours. It can be direct…in the sense of newspapers spinning information to try and influence our votes for example, or more manipulative and subtle use of images or soundbites to give a general ‘feeling’ about a particular thing or person or issue.

I do believe that the effect of much of our modern technology has much more influence over us than we realise, and again is used consciously by businesses and those who seek to keep us in line.

If I throw in words like ‘mind control’ or ‘brain washing’ I’m likely to receive rolled eyes and comments about tin foil…but is it really SO hard to believe? There have always been power games going on throughout history. Whether that is physical/direct threat…give me your bit of mammoth to gnaw on or I’ll hit you with my club…or just a ‘feeling’ of discomfort when another tries to exert their will over ours…it is a very regular occurrence.

Many of us have had thoughts go through our minds that are shocking or disturbing or that don’t feel like our own. ‘Where did that come from’?…may be our response. We often have to try and ignore thoughts. Even simple ones like the suggestion to get another ice cream etc….often after walking past a picture of an ice cream that we didn’t even consciously pick up on. The lines between conscious direct manipulation and subtle mind control are quit blurred really.

We have all heard about ‘mob mentality’ too…the effect of collective energy affecting our behaviour and choices. Or even peer pressure…feeling like we can’t do what we want or say what we want or wear what we want. Pressure and control is all around us really. How often do we see an adult skipping down the road singing? Not often. Especially if anyone else is around. Is that just because we have ‘grown out’ of these behaviours? Or did we get to a certain age where we felt it wasn’t cool to do that any more, our mates would take the piss etc. Then as an adult we fear people will think we’re nuts if we sing or dance in the street.

My (long as usual) point is that influence and control over us is happening all the time, and I do believe that it is happening at subtle levels deliberately to affect our behaviour and choices on this planet. The more aware and conscious and ‘present’ we can be in the moment of what we feel and the thoughts that come into our minds, the more we take our own power back and have more of our OWN control over our behaviours and thoughts and our emotional responses. Just starting to deliberately watch our thoughts can be quite eye-opening…as can starting to notice just how much we are influenced and suggested to all around us as we go about our daily lives.


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