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‘Weird card on the table’ #3

I believe (again through personal experience) that Spirit attachment/possession/interference is alive and well in the 21st century. In fact I believe it is rife!

As we have lost more of our connection to our ancestral awareness and lost more of our natural sensitivity to nature and to other energy (due to numbing out with food and media and chemicals/drugs etc) we don’t have as many people doing the work to help people make a ‘good end’ to this life. Talking about death is quite a taboo area in mainstream culture, so many people pass on in fear or confusion. How many of us know a local shaman or medicine woman or wise man/woman who is aware enough to help at these times?

Further to my last ‘weird card’ about us being natural transmitters and receivers of energy, I also believe we are naturally channels. We can channel other energy and other Spirits or beings. This isn’t a ‘way out’ idea. I believe that hardly anyone is free of spirit/energy attachments to some degree and many people are channelling those energies to some degree without even being aware of it. ‘Over-shadowing’ by other energies is extremely common…as is unconsciously feeding those energies’ cravings and addictions.

I believe the energetic confusion we can feel because of having the influence/cravings/thoughts/emotions of other energies in our systems (without realising it) is responsible for a lot of the conflict, addictions, violent physical/verbal outbursts, over-reactance, self-harm, suicidal idealisation and gender/sexual confusion that we see around us constantly. Not all of it of course, but a profound amount.

Any life experience where we have been knocked out or numbed out, such as accidents, operations, drugs, alcohol, abuse, violations, even just being numbed out in front of TV or games etc, leaves us prone to attachment by other energy. We can also take energy on through intimacy/sex or even through programming/beliefs from our parents or peer group. Any experience that we don’t wish to be in…such as bullying or even traffic jams etc can leave us a bit vacant. Our strong emotions can create spirit attachments too.

Over the last 10 years or so I have become increasingly aware of these things, mainly due to my own life experiences and trying to heal from them. I am more aware of it now when I see others channelling (usually unconsciously) and I am very aware of the attachments and interference in my own system. If we are unaware that some of what we feel and think is not our own feelings and thoughts it makes it harder not to take them on or not to act from them.

When I was attacked at 16 I took on a LOT of energy that wasn’t mine. Both from the man who attacked me but also from a lot of other energy he was carrying. It didn’t help that I had been spiked/drugged as well as losing consciousness, being violated and nearly dying…all experiences that make it hard to protect ourselves from spirit attachment. I was very dissociated for a long time afterwards, due to trauma/shock which again left me very ‘vacant’ and open to other energy attaching. It is very confusing to have thoughts or feelings that are ‘out of character’. I didn’t understand what had happened to me for a long time. I have spent the last 10 years actively trying to process and discern what IS me and my feelings and what ISN’T me. And it isn’t as easy as you might imagine! I have become aware of it when other energy is over-shadowing me and I know when other energy is around or looking through my eyes! It has been a long journey in understanding and in taking my power back…but in doing so we do heal and take control of ourselves and our lives again. I don’t believe my experience is ‘special’…sadly I believe it is commonplace to greater or lesser degrees.

Many of us have heard people say things like, they ‘dont know what got into him’ or ‘ I don’t know what possessed me to…’ or ‘he flipped’, ‘she changed suddenly’ ‘she was never the same after the accident’ ‘he changed after he was ill’ ‘i dont know what came over me’, ‘he wasn’t in his right mind’ etc etc etc. What if those aren’t just throw-away expressions?

We are living in times where everything is put down to imbalances in brain chemistry and mental-illness and is therefore treated with drugs that often make the problems worse. Maybe it is time to consider the possibility that there is more to this life than we perceive with our numbed out 5 senses? If we can do that with an open mind and without fear we might take some big steps forward.

Many people believe there is more to us than just the physical…that ‘something’ carries on after death. IS it so strange then to believe that other energies, that we can’t see, are around us all the time? We are just energy within a fleshy suit…they don’t have the fleshy suit.

I feel we need to take this stuff out of the fear-realm and out of the cosmic or crazy realm. If we realise this stuff is just common-place we can be aware of it and take more control back over ourselves and our behaviours and thoughts. It will also help us to understand and help heal those we love.


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