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I know the things I post can be quite contentious, but shit, I feel it is really bloody needed! I just read about the ‘game’ that has (thankfully) just been pulled from release by one of the major game distributors called ‘rape day’ when players get to attack, rape and kill women. All sounds like good clean fun of course. I mean….there’s definitely not enough real rape going on in the world is there when at least 1 in 4 women have been raped. Seriously….what sort of world DO we wish to live in? Our choices matter so deeply.
It is understood throughout military research, advertising, public relations, marketing, science research in general how our brains work through association and pattern matching and how easy we are to programme. As such….how the hell are we allowing games of this nature, another one they pulled last year was encouraging people to ‘play’ a high school killer shooting kids and other civilians.
Truly, is it not time we tried to makes some changes? I know there is the arguement about freedom of speech and censorship…which is a bloody difficult area…but in that case where is a line drawn, if ever?? Do we, in a couple of years time, sanction ‘games’ where people can ‘play’ being a person who kills, tortures and rapes children?
Sorry to rant a little….I don’t tend to subject myself to tv or news etc so every now and then when I do accidentally stumble across something it can shock the hell out of me.

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I know this area is a bit personal to me, being 10 years into a healing journey trying to clear the effects of ptsd from psychological torture and rape, but I feel the same about anything that is glamourising hurting or abusing another living creature. I don’t want to be a part of the world which normalises these things. I know that healing is desperately needed though, for the people who create these ‘games’ and for those who wish to play them.


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