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Musing of the day:
I feel that one of the greatest steps we can take for change, and our healthy evolution on this planet, is for us all to stop trying to manipulate or coerce each other. We were programmed to get around people to get what we want as kids. If we can move into a space where we can start being honest about our wants and needs, to put our cards on the table in honestly without holding a few back, it enables others to CHOOSE to help us or do what we wish. It changes the dynamics.
So much of human interaction has elements of emotional pulls or feelings of ‘having to’ do things. If we state our position honestly it gives choice and space…there are no power pulls.
When we can truly move into transparency we move back into a paradise-like state of peace on this planet. Might take a while as it has been programmed in deeply, and we see it all around us in advertising of course. Also the hurts we all carrier will still need healing…but at least wounds can health if brought to the surface to be seen.
Moving towards transparency would allowing true change, and compassion, to take a much bigger role on the planet xx


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