This is a kind of song-poem that I ended up writing to the tune of my ‘Adopt a Goth’ song as it was going around in my head at 3 in the morning when I couldn’t sleep!

Fuck the phone!

So fuck the phone, it’s not your friend
It’s notifications will drive you round the bend!
So fuck the phone it won’t make you smart
The manipulation it gives is more like a dark art.

It’s taken away your ability to talk now with your mates
You all sit at the table and text your likes and hates
No one makes eye contact anymore except with their own phone
No wonder deep inside they are all feeling so alone

So fuck the phone, it’s not your mate
It’s changing timelines and changing your fate
You came here with plans on how you’d live your life
But your phone’s like a dominating nagging wife!

With all it’s pressing bleeps and trills
It calls you constantly
With promises of likes or hates
You really can’t be free
An hormonal rollercoaster ride
One post can change your day
Or leave you hanging all day long
To see what else they’ll say

So fuck the phone
It’s not your buddy
Spending time on it makes your brain all kind of fuggy
It dumbs you down
The more your plugged in
That’s why I’m trying to point out this thing

I wish to see you free again
Instead of like a slave
Your soul came on a mission here
It wanted to be brave
Instead you’re stuck on social sites
Caught in by lots of threads
Those threads are like a spiders Web
But much worse cos they get into our heads (….as well as trap us ….and hold us …whilst the spider sucks us dry!…)

So fuck your phone
It takes your time
And your energy and cash
It’s quite a crime
It affects your thoughts
And your world view
Cos it’s plugged into your brain
Influencing you

There’s lots of deep psychology
Being done to keep you hooked
On various platforms and media sites
So your own will is quite fucked
After seeing no likes on your pic
You sank, it caused you pain
But the dopamine hit when it finally comes will pull you in again

So fuck your phone
It’s like a chain
It pulls you in again and again and again and again
Like a full time job
Without any pay
And no time off it’s every hour of every day

But worst of all its changing you
And how you see your worth
With celebrity pics and style tips
It really is a curse
Your constant selfies and me me posts
Are making you quite vain
Though the hit you get from all the flattery you get
Leaves you empty cos it is all in vain

So fuck your phone
Go out instead
Leave it at home if that idea doesn’t melt your head!
Take a good long break, you’ll get your wisdom back
And change your life onto a more fulfilling track

The powers that be they know so well
How to pull our strings you see
They’ve spent money and time perfecting it
So we will not live free
They take the piss so blatantly
It really is their art
That phone in your hand, it dumbs you down
That’s why they called them smart (….cos….erm…it doesn’t fucking make you smart….does it?)

So fuck the phone
It’s like your jail
It keeps you captive and of course chasing your tail
Your attention’s trapped, and your mind as well
But they’re so clever that you probably can’t tell
(And if you do realise….they don’t give a shit anyway…cos they know that if you get rid of it you’ll just buy another the following week…and reactivate your Facebook account for the fear that you’re missing out!!!)

So fuck the phone
Put down your phone
Leave it alone
Just fuck the phone

….not literally of course….though I’m sure A.I. will bring that joy along very soon!

by Kathrin Atkinson


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