Just a short post that I might elaborate on at another time.  One of the harder things I find about spirit/control interference is that it is the truth of us that gets wounded if another person is made to react or snap at us….and of course it is the truth of the other person who gets wounded if we are the one to do the snapping.

I have long been aware of the ‘other’ energies who seek to fuel unhappiness between people, especially between people who love each other.  I have felt it is like scoring added bonuses in a computer game for these energies who seek to affect/control/feed off us if they can make people who love one another hurt each other.  They work by interfering with our thought processes usually.  Of course their interference is not obvious, if it were we would see it and not take any notice.  The interference is in our own minds, thoughts that are like our own, in our own inner voice…which can make it very hard not to ‘own’ them and take them on fully!

It is very easy for ‘other’ energies to work on us to get us stoked up with feelings of injustice/betrayal/gripes/anger etc. towards another person.  Often of course, they will also be working on the other person at the same time, to stoke their unhappiness too….so that BANG…when we come together the tiniest spark can create fireworks!  Lots of lovely strong energy for ‘other’ energies to harvest, and of course great entertainment value for them too.

Overshadowing can make even the most aware of us find it hard to see the truth in another person, and the truth in ourselves.  I believe it is another evolutionary step for human being when we can truly start to become aware of what is NOT ourselves and can therefore choose not to act from those thoughts and feelings that are not ours.  The difficult thing again in this scenario is that we do often have a seed of the thought/feeling inside us that the ‘other’ energies are hooking into.  It makes a feeling grow, makes it much much bigger that we ourselves had intended or wanted.  Most of us are happy in general to let minor things go…but if those minor things are hooked into our feelings from a major occurence in our lives, then we can be made to (over)react quite spectactulally! I had better give an example.  If we were about to reverse into a parking space and someone nipped in just before we started reversing into it, it might be natural to feel a bit irritated, and think they were a cheeky bugger!  In general we might just shrug our shoulders and go and find another spot. BUT…if that annoyance were then tied into our feelings of being mistreated as a child, or feelings of being abused or raped even, then our resulting response to that event might be very very different!

It is very difficult to see where our OWN feeings are being triggered, and where ‘other’ energies are manipulating our thought/feeling processes, to make damn SURE that those feelings are triggered!

I will probably need to try and reword this post at another time as I feel it is a bit gabbled at the moment and not as clear as I would like to make it.  I need to write another longer article to


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