I’m writing this whilst waiting in a phone queue. It has made me realise once again how much of our modern life has been orchestrated to make us feel powerless.

In this current situation I find myself in I am waiting listening to extracts of various places of classical music and every minute or so I have the same ‘your call will be answered as soon as possible, please continue to hold’ recorded message.

Yes, of course, I have the power to hang up…which I will probably do once I have finished this post, as I have been waiting now for 45 minutes….but that doesn’t solve my problem.  In this situation, I have no way of getting hold of a real person, I have no option to request a call back, and I can not email the people instead as i was just given this number by another organisation.

Yes….a daily occurance, I know….but why ARE we all accepting this crazy way of living? It is so hard these days to speak to real people who are willing/able to sort out what should really be simple things. If our modern life is so progressive and supported by such great technology, why is it so difficult to get things done, why is it so frustrating all the time??

I believe this is deliberate. After experiencing stress, most of us want some kind of mini-reward…a cup of coffee, a piece of cake, a cigarette etc.  Or we seek these things from a place of wrecklessness in a bid to numb the frustration/impotence we feel.

Systematic powerlessness. No matter how big or strong we are, when faced with musak over these call lines, we are powerless, we are left hanging.  Most of the time there isn’t a local office we can go into instead as so much is carried out in massive national call centres, and often not even in our country. How then can we get answers or call anyone or any business to account, or get the help we require?

This, of course, is only one example in this new automated world.  It leaves the animal aspects of ourselves very restless too….not to mention leaving us being irradiated on these phones and devices.  Stress and radiation damage of course cause a lot of illness….so not only do we generate sales in numbing or reward foods we also end up creating demand for expensive prescription drugs too…which again weaken us and take us out of our true power.

Sadly I don’t really have any answers to this, except that I feel it is very important, for our health and our sanity, to extricate ourselves from these ways.  We have a lot of power really, if we can learn to use it. Even just our choices in where to put our money can make a big change. We can demand true human contact from the businesses we support. We can say we will support local businesses where we know the person taking our money and we can ask him/her any questions we may have.

We also have power when we unite, if we all get together to say how we are, or are not, willing to be treated…and what we will, or will not, accept in the things affecting us and our lives.  I feel this is particularly important for those who have children to consider too.

We may be surrounded by things designed to weaken us, but ultimately we DO have choice, and if we can break our programming and conditioning we can be brave enough to vote with our feet and find new ways to live our lives.

Ok….I’ve had enough of this recorded music now so will get off to find a new way!!!



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