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Following many years of doing personal healing work, and supporting those close to me with their healing, I now feel called to assist others on their healing journey. 

So much of ‘healing’ is about gently facing, making peace with and integrating aspects of ourselves that have been pushed away or lost in some way through our life experiences.  As we understand, accept and heal we become more and more of our true and full expression in this life again.  This brings forward more of our Soul energy and our true gifts. I believe that a vital part of this healing journey is also learning to recognise what ISN’T aspects of ourselves and our truth!

How I work

I believe passionately that we are all aspects of Source/God/Divine/All-that-is Energy, and as such we are all equal. No one is ‘higher’ or ‘more than’ anyone else, and no one needs a middle man/woman between themselves and that ‘highest’ (for want of a better word) aspect of themselves. I also deeply believe we are all in this life experience together and, ideally, we all help each other to heal, to grow and to remember who we really are!

As such I am here to help you remember your own wisdom and healing power…not to tell you what to do or to ‘fix’ you! I may make suggestions or tell you what I intuitively, empathically or psychically pick up, but I truly respect that at the end of the day this is your journey, your choices and your life-path to walk in whatever way you see fit.

I also have deep faith in the truth within us all, so I know you are ultimately your own best guide. We live in a world where we are encouraged to give our power away constantly to other people. I feel that dynamic needs to change on this planet to bring peace and true healing. I feel most of us are needing to step back into our own power and ‘knowing’ to bring this change.

I offer to assist you in whatever way I can on your journey to help with that personal empowerment, whether that be as a compassionate witness for anything you need to get off your chest or feel-out/process, as a safe-place provider and space-holder for any blocks you need to clear, or as a kind of battery-pack to help you find your answers and way forward.

Although I loosely base my work around reiki, I work inuitively/empathically so incorporate other things if it feels right to do so. I also channel deep unconditional love when needed.  I do, of course, respect others’ boundaries so if someone only wants a relaxing reiki session to help a physical condition I won’t put energy into helping find the emotional or energetic root of the condition unless asked to do so!

Where I work

At present I can do distance reiki healing or can work over skype or over the phone. We are moving around a lot so may be able to do in-person healing sessions if we happen to be in your area.  Although based in the UK I spend time in Europe too when the opportunity arises.

Please contact me here if you are interested. I work for donations at present as it has always sat uncomfortably within me to charge for Spiritual/healing work.  It also feels wrong to me for people on low incomes to be refused help. I am on a very low income myself (probably because of the previous statement haha) so I don’t believe money should be the deciding factor when things like honesty, love, truth, spirit, acceptance and compassion hold much more true value!  I ask you to give whatever feels right to you.

A few testamonials:

“My early 20s were very difficult, awkward and transitional years for me in hindsight. Now in my early 40s and a little more confident and dare I say, a little more mature, I sometimes think back to the wonderful people that helped me through this stage in my life. I was very insecure, lacked confidence and at times didn’t really like nor love the real me. Each day I would hide behind a fake persona of what I thought “society accepted or wanted to see from me!” I never really let anyone in to see the true me nor did I realise that my worth in this world did matter (especially to some people). Katy was and still is one of those amazing individuals that came into my life to heal and guide. She has this amazingly ability to “see” that person with love and acceptance. She also has a wonderful sense of compassion that radiates through no matter who you are. She has taught me a lot about myself, allowed me to be who I am and really helped me through some very tough and difficult times. I am honoured to write this testimony and I know whomever she helps will be done with the utmost compassion and understanding ❤️”

Vi, London

“I have been most fortunate to have known Katy for a number of years, during which Katy has provided me a great source of love, care, unconditional regard and nurture throughout the challenges I have encountered in life.”
Anna, Glossop
“I have known Katy for nearly 30 years and in that time she has always been a superb friend and confidant. During those years there have been times when my life has been rather turbulent and I have known her to drop whatever she was doing to come and give her time to help me mentally and truly made me feel much better and cared about.”
John, Barrow-in-Furness
“Katy is an excellent Reiki healer and a thoroughly trustworthy person. Her strongest quality is her compassion. She works intuitively and empathetically to help people feel supported and whole. Katy is an excellent listener who is in tune with higher vibrations and aligned to the highest good of others. Reiki with Katy is deeply relaxing and calming, promoting a sense of wellbeing. As a Reiki Master, I have no hesitation in recommending Katy as a Reiki healer.”
Sue, Lancaster
“Hi Katy just like to say a big thank you for your help in sorting out my shoulders and neck with your nice warm hands you are a wonderful person who cares about what you do the same goes for your reiki spiritual healing too.  I don’t have any problem recommending you to any male (or female) who is in need of your help because I know that they will come away feeling a million times better thanks again Katy ?xx” 
Wally, Barrow-in-Furness
Sometimes we all feel like we want a safe place to hide from the world. A place where we can be ourselves and be vulnerable without fear.
If you feel the call to share with me, I am very happy to assist you on your life/soul-path journey. I will pool my energy with you and work alongside you with whatever you are needing to face, or understand, or rediscover about your truth and your path. I can offer insights or a compassionate mirror where needed, or just provide a non-judgmental witness for anything you need to clear or make sense of in yourself. I trust that our combined and true intention to share in honesty together will bring through the insights or healing that is needed in that moment.
It is great to have a friend to share our healing journey with, not only for comfort and support, but also to help pick the bugs off us!
It is very important to me that it be stated that we are all equal. I am not above (or below) anyone else….this is why I offer ‘assistance’ on your own healing journey. I will not try to do it for you, I will not give the impression that I have all your answers and I will always endeavor not to allow any of my own ‘stuff’ to sway you on your journey! I deeply believe in empowerment for all and feel it is very damaging for a ‘healer’ or ‘guru’ or ‘counsellor’ to accidentally (or intentionally in some sad cases) disempower those who go to them for help. I have experienced this in the past, so have a very strong wish not to visit it on another! If I am doing things correctly, and wisely, I should be helping you find (or remember!) your own truth and wisdom
I can offer assistance/insight into situations such as:
Life/Soul-path direction
Rape/sexual abuse
Soul-loss and Fragmentation
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Spirit attachment/interference/psychic attack
Weight/food issues
Relationship dynamics/disfunction
Programming/conditioning and brain washing
Inner child hurts
Family dynamics
Emotional suppression
Creative suppression
Domestic abuse
Birth trauma
(this list is far from exhaustive of course)
Traumatic experiences can leave parts of us frozen, or lost, in a moment in time. With healing we can learn to thaw out again and be our own 'compassionate witness'
My own personal experience in the past of desperately needing some help or insight, but not being able to afford the crazy fees a lot of people charge, has made me passionate that help shouldn’t only be restricted to those who have plenty of money!  I would like to be in a position where I can offer all help for free, but at this time I am still needing money to get by. I have decided that I feel more comfortable working for donations, rather than set fees.  If you are not in financial difficulty then please consider paying a reasonable amount for my time/energy/care as this enables me to offer help to those who are not as fortunate. I will send you my paypal email address or bank details and you can donate whatever you feel happy with at the end of the session.  Any money I receive above what I need for daily living costs (I live simply) will go towards my plan to buy some land to create a healing community. 
even though painful, our losses can often bring a wealth of understanding, compassion and a sense of our shared humanity to us.
If you are interested in journeying with me then please email me, giving me a little information about what you are facing or what you feel you need and I will see how I can assist you. Sessions can be in person or over skype/whatsapp/telephone as I am often moving around. I can also carry out remote healing then send you an email to tell you what I picked up/intuited whilst working on you if you prefer that, though it is usually better for you to be more involved.

I strongly believe that we are all in this life-thing together, and that we will all move forward and evolve more quickly if we share what we have come to know and understand in a bid to help others.  We all carry parts of the jigsaw…when we put those parts together we learn, grow and see the bigger picture together on this beautiful planet.  Thank you for your time.

Finding the space in ourselves to process and accept our life experiences brings us back to a centred place of peace, tranquility and quiet strength.